Starting at $13,143
  • High Dump System
  • 24 Bushel (850L) Capacity
  • Hydraulically controlled
  • Compatible with 60" or 72" Decks
Kubota's F80 Series provides a premium cut quality, and now a premium high dump collection system. With an impressive, industry leading 850 Litre capacity and 2200 mm dump capacity, being productive is a guarantee.
High Dumping Height
High Dumping Height
Not only does the GCD900 hold a lot of material, it can also dump at 2200 mm or 7.2 feet. This is really handy when backing up to a large truck or trailer. Be more productive, use the Commercial GCD900 Collection System.
Hydraulic Dump Operation
Hydraulic Dump Operation
Never leaving the operator's seat, the GCD900's smooth hydraulic dump allows the operator to control the speed and operation of dump. Back-up to the truck or trailer, dump and its back to mowing.
Large 850L Capacity
The GCD900 boast the industry leading capacity, 850L. This means you will be cutting and collecting longer with fewer stops to the truck for dumping.
Compatible with 60" or 72" Decks
The GCD900 Collection System works with either the 60" or the 72" Commercial Side Discharge Mower Decks for the F80 Series.
Quick Attach System
Once the GCD900 mounting frame is attached to the tractor the attach or removal can be done in less than 10 minutes.
Parking Station
Each GCD900 Collection System has a parking stand for storage between operations or for the season. The stand is made of strong steel for durability and longevity.
Specification Detail  
Collection System
Model Name GCD900  
Compatible tractors F2880, F3080, F3680  
Compatible mower decks RCK60P-F36 & RCK72P-F36  
Overall length (including tractor) 132 in. (3352.8 mm)  
Overall width 87 in. (2209.8 mm) with 72 in. deck  
(J) Overall height in carrying position 77.2 in. (1960 mm)  
Dumping Height 86.6 in. (2200 mm)  
Dumping off-set 9.8 in. @ 86.6 in. (250 mm @ 2200 mm)  
Capacity 24.1 bushel (850 L)  
Works With
Additional Models:
    Starting at $13,143
    • High Dump System
    • 24 Bushel (850L) Capacity
    • Hydraulically controlled
    • Compatible with 60" or 72" Decks
    Starting at $4,611
    • Low Dump System
    • 12 Bushel (423 L) Capacity
    • Hydraulically controlled
    • Compatible with 60 or 72" Decks
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